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Tip #32: Businesses sometimes use the internet for simple things such as customer registration for warranties which prompt the customer to provide their contact information, giving way to future promotions and direct, personalized contact with your clientele.

"your web site presence
should be a reflection  
of your company's        

There was a time when only internet companies needed a strong internet presence.   These early internet entrepreneurs were the only ones who saw the need for a website that would dazzle their customers.

But all of that has changed...

Websites are now commonplace and customers expect you to have one.   For branding purposes and customer interaction, there has never been a more important medium for businesses.   With your company's website, you can give your customers a personalized experience that will keep them visiting you over and over again.   Repeat business has never been so good.

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  • We've been operating successful e-commerce websites for over 10 years and have watched the internet grow by leaps and bounds.   There's no question that your design and marketing team should be as much a part of your organization as your officers and employees.   Our interest is making you happy.   If we become part of your team, we all win.   We, at Firewurx Interactive, will work side by side with you to provide the best hosting and develop a site that works for you and your company.